Welcome To The Official _NetNomad Website!!1!

_NetNomad performing a hallway set at MAGFest 2020. Photo and video courtesy of Sonnyside.

    Hi! I'm _NetNomad and I'm a chiptune artist living in Buffalo, New York. I write music for the SEGA Genesis and MS-DOS computers. I really enjoy music, history, technology, and games, so chiptune is the perfect intersection of my interests and passions. I have been writing chiptune since 2015 and currently use a mixture of different tools such as Adlib Tracker II and MUCOMMD2VGM to write and program music. I played Clarinet for many years but now focus on talkbox, EWI, and whistle to add a performance element to my music. I like to pull bits and pieces of all sorts of different music in my work and my favorite kinds of music are classic rock, synthpop, Irish trad, jazz fusion, and of course classic VGM and contemporary chiptune! I'm also an amateur programmer and tinkerer and enjoy working on projects related to chiptune and retro computing. Please feel free to browse this website to listen to my music and view my projects. I hope you enjoy!

    Check out my latest release, a song for the Bit Crushed Chips For Change 2020 compilation! All proceeds for this compilation go to the ACLU, and every track on here is a winner. Meanwhile, all of my releases are available for free at netnomad.bandcamp.com! You can also purchase my full discography in one shot for 50 cents!

    on Twitter for the latest updates on what I'm working on! Please feel free to say hi or share your thoughts with me there as well!